Cole Bank Road

“My name is Kevin, I am 49 years old and I have lived at 16 Colebank Road for the last 3 years. I am very happy living at Colebank. The staff help me to carry out every day tasks, which include taking my medication, personal care, making my meals and helping me to make a coffee using my machine. My staff support me to go to college using the bus and then when I get to college staff support me to take part in the activities.

I am getting ready to move into my own home and staff are encouraging me to do more things for myself, such as bringing down my laundry, loading the washing machine and emptying my bin. I also like to help the staff out in the kitchen with putting the shopping away. I am really looking forward to moving into my new home and hope that the staff aty Colebank will be working with me when I move.

I like to take part in lots of different activities such as going to the cinema, watching the Wolves play, monthly discos and going to an adult club. The staff at Colebank Road always support me with my activities and I would not be able to go without their help.

We have regular meetings at Colebank with the staff and the other residents. We all get the chance to talk about food we would like on the menu and what activities we would like to do. We also talk about things we like about the home as well as things we are not happy about.

- Service User