Katherine House

This testimonial was done with the support of Paul Johnson and permission of PG. Questions were asked of PG about their life within a care setting owned by Midway Care.


PJ : What do you do when you get up in the morning?


PG: Have my bath.

PJ: How do the staff support you with getting up in the morning?

PG: They help me to wash my hair.

PJ: What do you do next?

PG: Have my breakfast.

PJ: Do the staff support you with this?

PG: They watch me and help me to make it.

PJ: What do you do after breakfast?

PG: Clean my room.

PJ: How do staff support you with cleaning your room?

PG: Staff take the cleaning mop and bucket upstairs.

PJ: What else do you do at Katherine House?

PG: Go to the park and walk round.

PJ: Anything else?

PG: Go to mum’s.

PJ: What do you like about Katherine House?

PG: Making people laugh.

PJ: Anything you like about your room?

PG: Having my diggers in my room. (PG has a number of model diggers that he collects and keeps in his bedroom).

PG chose to end the conversation at this point.

Irene remembered the day she moved into Katherine House, back in November 2006. She was one of the first people to move in.

She states that she is happy living in Katherine House. She is an artist and has done lots of paintings for the home. Some have been displayed and some are waiting to be framed. She loves playing Bingo and goes twice a week to do this.

Irene loves expensive foods and enjoys a good diet. Irene can shop independently and will often purchase foods that she wants that are not on the menu and is happy to do so.

She likes to choose her own menu on Sundays.

Irene says the house is nice and clean and that she likes having a good laugh with the staff.

- Irene Handley