Victoria Road

“It’s been a long journey working through the good times and the bad times but at the end of it all the hard work has paid off. Seeing the changes made to somebody’s life, promoting their independence and encouraging them to live a more happy and enjoyable life; there is no better feeling. It gives you the motivation to continue to help progress and keep at it and better yourself as a person. I do believe that helping somebody on a day to day basis, understanding and listening, providing good quality of life for somebody who benefits from your support and encouragement, can live the best life possible, to have laugh and joke and for the person to enjoy your company, is what my journey has been about and it has made me a better person.”

Matt Biddle

“I feel better coming to live at Victoria road. I now have my own flat key and I can go out when and where I want. I feel better as I don’t have the health problems I had before I came to Victoria road. I have bought lots of nice stuff for my flat. It looks nice and it feels like home. I also enjoy going Solihull and Acocks Green - to the café & pub for food and drink and buying nice things for my flat and for myself. I like having staff with me when I’m out to keep me safe but I also like spending time on my own in my flat enjoying peace and quiet and resting listening to my radio or making myself a hot drink.”

Richard Bennett

“I have had the pleasure of vast experience of working within mental health related services for 30 years. I took early redundancy in 2009 and commenced my employment with Midway. My experience to date with Midway I feel has been most enlightening, especially working at the ground level in the capacity of support worker at Victoria road. I have found it to be extremely challenging and rewarding, knowing that somehow/somewhere I have made a difference to service users’ lives. I will continue to strive and commit to all service users and staff team this I am sure will produce excellent quality care for all.”

Tom Hames