What Service Users’ loved ones have to say about the Midway Care Group

“Some six years ago James’s life began anew.

For the previous twelve years, James, in hindsight (the perfect science), had a dreadful time. He had been in four different homes with four different adult providers. All promised the earth – none delivered. Our faith in adult providers was lost. Then along came Midway.

They soon ‘organised’ James’ days. This is a must because he has to be ‘busy’. He started College again and within a relatively short time span was shopping locally on his own and then to our horror taking bus journeys on his own! What!

We felt that his previous providers didn’t take too much notice when we explained that James is quite capable but very complex – the only time any of them wanted our advice was when his behaviour accelerated. Too little, too late.

What is wrong with Midway – they listen; they believe in our son, it won’t last. How wrong we are. James has gone from strength to strength with this quite remarkable provider. The staff at his home are not only his Carers, who understand his foibles, but his friends and teachers.

May this be the beginning of a long journey.”

The Ward family

“Parents worst nightmare, I suddenly became ill and was unable to care for our son at home. He was 17 at the time and has complex needs due to ACC, SLD, autistic, non verbal, sensor and motor problems, scoliosis, and at times challenging behaviour.

The Lodge came to our rescue twice. The first time when a local care provider informed us they could no longer provide care for him. The second was when the special residential college he was attending informed us the placement wasn't working. Both times The Lodge calmly and professionally brought him back to the Lodge within a few days, minimising any stress to him. Having this happen once was distressing for us, especially for our son, but to have it happen a second time was devastating.

Our son has now been at The Lodge for approx 1 year 8 months and is doing very well. We feel The Lodge sees our son as the funny, happy young man he is, but more importantly his potential. They actually do what they say they will do, this time it hasn't just been words in a prospectus and nothing seems to be too much trouble. Our son is in a safe and happy environment where he is encouraged to learn new skills at his own pace. Staff work with us helping our son continue to experience live in a positive way. In doing this we as parents can now see a positive future for him.”

“When Josh first arrived at The Lodge in October, it was a very traumatic time for him and all the family, Maggie phoned home several times and sent photographs of the home to reassure us he was settling in.

Maggie and all the staff worked together with Joshua's Social Worker, psychiatrist and psychologist, on his targets,behaviour and care plan.
A first planned visit to see Josh at the home was arranged for myself and later visits for other family members, we were made very welcome by all the staff and felt Josh was making good steady progress, if we had any questions or concerns they were dealt with. Since then we have had visits out of the home to pubs and shops with staff to support Josh and family members making us feel safe and having a pleasant visit.

Josh has settled in well,he is happier,healthier and achieving his targets. I would like to thank Maggie, and all the staff at the lodge, and would not hesitate in recommending the home to any other parent, carer or professional.”