What our staff say about the Midway Care Group

“My journey with Midway care group.

I joined Midway in May 2011 through the agency Kingston Noble after working 11 years for the NHS in a secure setting. I initially did a few shifts at Katherine House before transferring to Sutton House. After working here for only a very short while I knew this is where I wanted to work for the foreseeable future. After my time with the NHS, it really was like a breath of fresh air. The commitment and the care the staff showed to each service user was second to none and could not be faulted.

The manager at the time, Nigel Lyons agreed to take me on a temp to perm basis (after a very nerve racking interview with Lisa Carey and the manger of The Lodge) and I felt very privileged to be a ‘permanent’ staff member at Sutton House, as Nigel used to say ‘we only take people with the x factor here’. I loved everything about working at Sutton House but nothing more than seeing each service user treated with so much respect and compassion. Before long I was taking on more responsibility and Nigel decided to make me an Acting Team leader. I did this for approximately a year and during this time Nigel left for pastures new and Mark Clark took over as acting manager.

In August 2013 I applied for the full time position of Team leader and thankfully I was successful. The next few years were extremely difficult and presented Sutton House staff with many challenges but as a team we pulled together, faced the challenges head on and continued to provide the high quality care we took pride in. Though at times I could quite easily have quit and walked out on a job I loved, this was the period when I really learned the most about ‘managing’, whether it be parents, difficult colleagues or just trying to complete all my duties as well as support staff during very stressful shifts. Professionalism was always my priority and I also endeavoured to offer Mark and the staff team the support they deserved.

Mark felt he needed a change of direction in his career so he left Sutton House to concentrate on training for Midway and a new Manager was appointed. Jo Walsh started at Sutton House in August 2015 and due to a reconfiguration it was felt she would require a deputy manager. I worked alongside Jo for a while and before long realised we would make a good team... ‘GIRL POWER’ ... so made up my mind I would apply for the deputy post and the rest as they say is history.

I have been in post now approximately 3 weeks and am loving the new challenges I am facing every day. With this position I am learning new things all the time and mentoring new team leaders has been extremely rewarding. I have recently been awarded ‘employee of the month’ (why, I don’t know as I feel all the staff at SH deserve this) and though I am quite embarrassed by this I feel it deserves a mention as Midway recognising its employees achievements acts as a great incentive to staff.

Sutton House I believe will go from strength to strength and with our recent CQC report we have finally gained the recognition each and every one of us deserve. I truly believe we as ‘support staff’ have the X factor and we will continue to provide the care that I would be happy for my own family to receive.”

- Lisa Strachan

“I was very nervous when I started at Colebank as it is my first job in care. There was no need to be, because in a busy environment, the staff have been so supportive and I have had nothing but encouragement and motivation from the management. Midway has provided me with training on all relevant aspects of the job and this has enabled me to become a confident and efficient member if the team.”

- Nigel Cole

I started working with Midway care at Glebe House in Leamington Spa during 2010/11. This was my first role in the care or support work sector. I really connected with a few of the service users right away and eventually all of them. I found the manager at the time to be extremely supportive and with her help I was able to build my confidence and better support the people living there. I learned to administer medication correctly at Glebe House and I was also offered other training opportunities. I left my position here for a planned career in a totally different sector but during my masters degree I came to miss my job as a support worker and came back to Midway Care.

I worked for a few months at Elmdon House while I was waiting for a position to become available somewhere closer to my residence.I enjoyed being involved and planning improvements to the garden area and planting a vegetable patch so the residents could grow fresh vegetables. The staff team at Elmdon House were extremely friendly at Elmdon House and it was with regret that I had to move somewhere closer. I was initially waiting to be transferred to Sutton House but eventually ended up moving to Katherine House in Birmingham.

I have worked at Katherine House for just over a year so far. I have been getting to know the service users and staff here. The senior team at Katherine House have been immensely supportive in facilitating my professional development and I have now been able to work towards my level 3 QCF in Health and Social Care. I have also recently been working towards the role of acting senior support worker and presented with the opportunity to be involved in staff training.

Midway Care have always given me personal development opportunities and access to regular training so that I can be effective in my role. The senior support staff at Midway are a clear strength of the organisation and have always been approachable for me.

- Paul Johnson

I have worked for the company since December 2007. Originally I worked for Pharos Care who have now merged with Midway Care. This has been a very interesting journey for me. When I joined the house, it consisted of 10 bedrooms and we supported 10 people with very complex needs. After a while, we decided to downsize to nine beds which worked much better and the people who lived together could be supported in a much more independent way.

When I arrived, I brought with me new systems that helped with the running of the home. I implemented a better structure (the foundation of a good home). I have a good senior team who have all started off as support workers and have gradually worked their way up the ladder to a senior position (one lady now being my Deputy Manager).

We work well as a team. We recruit staff who are caring and want to learn and have a lot to bring to the team. Many people have achieve their qualifications along the way and some people have been given the opportunity to develop within the company and have access to the ‘train the trainer’ course.

I myself have also been given the opportunity to be part of the Operations team for 6 months when the company merged. It taught me a lot about management skills and I am thankful for that opportunity.

Many staff over the years have taken the people they support away on holidays; we have even taken one of our ladies to Disney Land Paris.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to spend time with their children. They are invited to parties and cultural evenings; one parent regularly visits for tea once a week.

We pride ourselves at Katherine House on maintaining good working relations and carry out good work supporting the people who live here. Our latest CQC rating was “Good” after an inspection in October 2015. Our previous rating was also very good and uplifting for us all to continue the good work.

- Sheila Claybur (Registered Manager of Katherine House)